At Troilus we are committed to creating value for our shareholders while operating in a safe, socially and environmentally responsible manner, contributing to the prosperity of our employees and our local communities while respecting human rights, cultures, customs and values of those impacted by our activities. 

Through our actions we endeavour to demonstrate a responsible approach to social, economic and environmental performance in all aspects of business strategy, planning and management that is aligned with the evolving priorities of our communities of interest. Our actions will reflect a broad spectrum of values that we share with our employees and communities of interest, including honesty, transparency and integrity.

Troilus Gold 2022 Sustainability Report

Troilus Gold 2022 ESG Scorecard

Troilus Gold 2021 Sustainability Report

Troilus Gold 2021 ESG Scorecard

Troilus Gold 2020 Sustainability Report

Troilus Gold 2020 ESG Scorecard

Troilus Sustainable Development Policy

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