People & Communities

Our Employees

At Troilus, we aim to maintain a productive and supportive work environment that is based on mutual respect, fairness and integrity. We do not tolerate discriminatory conduct in the workplace.  We value diversity and treat all employees and contractors fairly and provide equal opportunity at all levels of the organization without bias. 

We employ and promote on the basis of merit and provide fair and competitive compensation.  By providing meaningful on the job training and career opportunities we encourage employees to achieve their full potential.

We are committed to protecting human rights and delivering positive outcomes in the communities where we operate.  Troilus is committed to respecting the rights of workers and not engaging in practices of forced or child labour nor using suppliers that engage in such practices.

Respect for Community

Troilus is located in the Eeyou Istchee James Bay region of northern Quebec and enjoys an open, honest, transparent and respectful dialogue with the provincial and regional governments and the local communities of Chibougamau, Chapais and Mistissini.  At Troilus, our objective is to contribute to the social and economic development of sustainable communities associated with our operation to ensure a legacy of improvement that will continue beyond the life cycle of the mine.

We will support our local communities and their sustainability through measures such as development programs, locally sourcing goods and services, capacity building of local small and medium enterprises, financial support for community initiatives and employing local people.

In July 2018, Troilus signed a Pre-Development Agreement with the Cree Nation of Misstissini and the Cree Nation Government.  This agreement establishes a framework for the ongoing and mutually beneficial relationship regarding business and employment opportunities for the Cree at Troilus and is a precursor to an Impact Benefits Agreement in the future.

Troilus engages with communities, including Indigenous peoples, impacted by our project, to share information and to collaborate on issues of environmental effects, monitoring and cultural protection. 

Our approach to community engagement includes:

  • Identifying communities of interest including Indigenous peoples;
  • Developing and maintaining meaningful relationships and ongoing engagement with communities of interest;
  • Processes to mitigate adverse community impacts and optimize social benefits; and,
  • Inviting and responding to concerns and feedback from communities of interest.