Ecologo Certification

ECOLOGO certification provides credible, third-party verification to a globally recognized and trusted ecolabelling program.

In August 2020, Troilus proudly became the first company to obtain ECOLOGO certification (“UL 2723 Certification Program for Responsible Development for Mineral Exploration Companies”).

“Being the first mineral exploration company to be awarded ECOLOGO Certification is a proud achievement for our company.  Troilus benefits from a legacy of environmental stewardship, strong community ties and a commitment to sustainable development that we intend to continue as we move the project forward.  The ECOLOGO certification demonstrates to our stakeholders and investors that a trusted third party has carefully evaluated our operations and procedures to validate our sustainable practices.  We view our commitment to environmental, social and economic best practices as essential to building a successful company.” – Justin Reid, Director and CEO of Troilus Gold

In 2019, the “Association De L'Exploration Minière Du Québec” (Quebec Mineral Exploration Association, developed a standard to evaluate mineral exploration companies and their service providers on economic and environmental impact. The consensus standard was adapted by Underwriters Laboratories, a global testing, inspection, and certification organization with expertise in developing standards and certifying against those standards.

The ECOLOGO Certification provides credible, third-party verification from a globally recognized and trusted ecolabelling program, validating responsible business practices and demonstrating increased value to investors. Through a process that includes on-site visits and in-depth documentation review, the ECOLOGO Certification offers mineral exploration companies and their suppliers the visibility they need to identify, address and promote their responsible business processes.

To obtain and maintain ECOLOGO certification, companies are evaluated on the following requirements:

  • Legal requirements
  • Compliance with Sustainable principle along the value chain
  • Environmental Quality (i.e., efficient use of natural resources, air quality, water quality, soil quality, respect for sensitive areas and wildlife habitat)
  • Quality of Life (i.e., recognition of the concerns and accommodation of local and Aboriginal communities, noise and sensory environment, quality of visual environment, health and safety of communities, and respect for cultural heritage)
  • Local Investment (i.e., selection of local labor and suppliers
  • Work environment (i.e., occupational health and safety)
  • Business Ethics (i.e., corruption prevention and accountability of executives and managers)
  • Transparency and Reporting (i.e., information sharing)
  • Innovation (i.e., responsible use of technologies)
  • Economic efficiency (i.e., efficient use of financial resources)

Troilus Awarded ECOLOGO Certification for Responsible Development for Mineral Exploration Companies